Baby Yoga


Baby Yoga introduces new and exciting ways of interacting with baby and is an ideal progression from the Nurturing Baby Massage course. As in Baby Massage, Baby Yoga is guided by the baby, allowing baby to feel heard and respected and promoting their sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Baby Yoga is ideal for babies with head control at around 4-5 months through 1 year of age.

Baby Yoga offers enjoyable practices for babies and their carers that can be incorporated in everyday activities. The way baby is lifted, washed, carried and set down conveys their carer's emotional state. By learning ways to be more aware and connected when handling baby, there is a heightened sense of trust and attunement created, which benefits both baby and their parents.

We will use rhymes and songs, movement, play and loving touch to provide baby a wide range of sensory experiences, positively influencing baby's neural, physical and emotional development. Baby Yoga moves align with baby's natural developmental stages, and practices are tailored to baby's individual needs, enhancing their natural capacity and thirst for learning.

Carers will benefit from toning and relaxation practices to help relieve aches and pains associated with carrying the weight of a quickly growing baby. We will practice relaxed holds and efficient lifting practices to help create more balance and release tensions for a greater sense of well-being in the body.

  • Currently not offered.

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