No matter where you are, we are coming to you! In your living room or your bedroom, in your holiday home or at a hotel, in the hallway or on your balcony – whatever place you have access to internet, you can train with us. We offer you daily ONLINE LIVE Trainings with different themes such as Pilates Core Workout, Pilates Strong Body, Pilates meets Yoga, Yoga, Pilates Best Age (60+), Prenatal Pilates & Yoga, Postnatal Pilates & Yoga, Gentle Pilates, Pilates Power & Flexibility, Yin Pilates/Pilates Relax. Individual Personal Trainings are also offered in an online format over Zoom. Contact us directly via E-Mail to book your private training.


Do something good for your body, mind and soul, and boost your immune response – whether at home or on the go.
In order to participate in our ONLINE LIVE Trainings register yourself on Eversports. There you can purchase a single entry class or a pass that suits your needs, pay directly with your credit card and you are ready to go.

You will receive the Link for your booking 15 Minutes before class begins directly in your Eversports account. If there are not enough participants in a class, you will be notified of the cancellation via an automated email directly from Eversports 3 hours before your class was scheduled to start.

You will need the following to participate in our ONLINE LIVE Trainings over Zoom:      

  • Laptop, Computer, mobile phone oder Tablet, with Internet access over a wireless network or a cable connection.
  • Mat or other practice surface (i.e. large towel).
  • Depending on the description of the class, props such as Magic Circle, Foam Roller, Soft Ball, blanket, Yoga blocks may be used.
  • We recommend training barefoot with comfortable exercise clothing.

It is up to you if you leave your camera and video on during the trainings and if you would like us to see you or not.

If you prefer to exercise on your own schedule, we recommend you sign up for our ON DEMAND Platform.