Yoga und Pilates unterstützen dich darin, dein Bewusstsein für deinen eigenen Körper zu verfeinern und deine tiefe innere Kraft zu stärken und zu nutzen. Beide lenken deine Aufmerksamkeit auf den gegenwärtigen Moment. Du setzt deinen Atem gezielt ein, um dich in seinem Fluss zu bewegen, kraftvoller und gleichzeitig geschmeidiger sowie geerdeter zu werden und allfällige körperliche, geistige und emotionale Blockaden zu beseitigen.

Hatha Flow Yoga

My Hatha Yoga classes work with the body and the breath to peel away layers of built-up tensions and allow the body/mind a respite from the overstimulation and stressors of daily life. In our yoga practice, we enter a space where we can shed all of the many roles we assume to just be with ourselves in the present moment. We start to recognize the nature of the whirlwind mind, gain greater clarity and enjoy our lives more by being aware of this constant ebb and flow of thoughts and emotions. We learn to sit in the present moment and experience the essence of pure being just as we are, and that is okay. This is the Union of Yoga: body, breath, mind and spirit.

I teach a structured and precise flow where practitioners have the guidance they need for a safe practice, while at the same time allowing for play and individual experimentation. A mixture of traditional Yoga Asanas in proper alignment with attention to a strong, vibrant core allows for flowing movements and embodied practices that work to massage and nourish the body/mind and tap into the energetic subtleties of breath in form.

  • Wednesday, 18.30-19.30 with Gisela (Studio & ONLINE LIVE)



Jede Jahreszeit unterscheidet sich von der anderen und verfügt über eine eigene Schönheit. Im Yoga wird dieser Tatsache Rechnung getragen. Mehr noch, Yoga findet im Einklang mit den Jahreszeiten statt und unterstützt dich dabei, das Ungleichgewicht zwischen dem Rhythmus des Jahres und dem Tempo des Lebens wieder auszugleichen. 

  • Im Frühling kannst du die Energie von Wachstum und Veränderung nutzen, um dich zu befreien und neue Dinge auszuprobieren.
  • Im Sommer kannst du dich von der Wärme inspirieren lassen, um dich zu erfrischen und dich auf deine innere Ruhe und Klarheit zu konzentrieren.
  • Im Herbst kannst du dich von der Schönheit der fallenden Blätter und der Vergänglichkeit des Lebens inspirieren lassen, um dich auf das Hier und Jetzt einzustellen und die Dinge zu schätzen, die du hast.
  • Und im Winter kannst du dich von der Stille und Kälte inspirieren lassen, um in dich hinein zu spüren und deine innere Stärke zu festigen.

Ab sofort bietet dir Sabine an einem Sonntag pro Monat eine spezielle Auszeit vom Alltag an. Während 90 Minuten verbindet sie Elemente aus dem Yin & Yang Yoga und legt den Fokus dabei auf die jeweilige Jahreszeit, Mondphase und auf zu dem Zeitpunkt aktuellen Themen. Anmelden kannst du dich mit deinem regulären Abo Matte, auch wenn das Training 90 statt 60 Minuten dauert.
Gönn dir in diesem Jahr 12 besondere Yoga Momente, 12 Auszeiten nur für dich.


  • Sonntag, 15. Januar 2023, 17.00-18.30 Uhr mit Sabine (ONLINE LIVE)
  • Sonntag, 19. Februar 2023, 17.00-18.30 Uhr mit Sabine (ONLINE LIVE)
  • Sonntag, 19. März 2023, 17.00-18.30 Uhr mit Sabine (ONLINE LIVE)
  • Weitere Termine folgen.


Prenatal Yoga

Our Prenatal Yoga classes are open for all as of the 14th week of pregnancy. Our classes are non-competitive, joyful and inclusive, emphasizing rhythmic and graceful movement and ease of breath for all stages of pregnancy. We use adaptations of Hatha Yoga to strengthen and relax the physical body, the focus the mind and experience sensations as they arise. Inspired by Françoise Freedman and the Birthlight method, our emphasis lies in providing connection: within towards oneself and the baby, and without towards others sharing the same experience of matrescence, the developmental transition to motherhood. Come and be as you are in our sacred circle, learn practices and techniques to build trust in your body and your intuition, and gain confidence in your pregnancy, birth and into parenthood.

  • Monday, 12.15-13.15 - Prenatal Yoga (Studio & ONLINE LIVE)
  • Wednesday, 17.15-18.15 - Prenatal Yoga with Birth Preparation (Studio & ONLINE LIVE)
  • Thursday, 12.15-13.15 - Prenatal Yoga  (Studio & ONLINE LIVE) 


Postnatal Yoga with and without Baby

Postnatal Yoga classes are essential for all after the experience of pregnancy and childbirth – no matter how the baby was born. Pregnancy and birth are taxing to the body, and a program of rehabilitation is necessary for re-aligning and re-structuring the body. Our classes are recommended as of 6-8 weeks after birth. We focus on establishing good alignment and posture, connecting to and strengthening deep core and structural muscles in the belly, back and pelvic floor by using deep breathing as our primary tool and relieving tension and fatigue by promoting self-care routines. Babies are integrated into the class and enjoy watching mum enjoy an accessible movement practice tailored to her needs. Being with other new mothers allows participants to connect and build community at a time when previous social contacts and networks may seem foreign or outdated. Embracing a community of support is extremely helpful in combatting feelings of isolation and mood disorders that are so common in the postpartum phase. We welcome you and your baby.

  • Monday, 13.30-14.30 – Postnatal Yoga with Baby (ONLINE LIVE)
  • Wednesday, 19.45-20.45 – Postnatal Yoga without Baby (ONLINE LIVE)
  • Thursday, 13.30-14.30 – Postnatal Yoga with Baby (ONLINE LIVE)



Baby Yoga introduces new and exciting ways of interacting with baby and is an ideal progression from the Nurturing Baby Massage course. As in Baby Massage, Baby Yoga is guided by the baby, allowing baby to feel heard and respected and promoting their sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Baby Yoga is ideal for babies with head control at around 4-5 months through 1 year of age.

Baby Yoga offers enjoyable practices for babies and their carers that can be incorporated in everyday activities. The way baby is lifted, washed, carried and set down conveys their carer's emotional state. By learning ways to be more aware and connected when handling baby, there is a heightened sense of trust and attunement created, which benefits both baby and their parents.

We will use rhymes and songs, movement, play and loving touch to provide baby a wide range of sensory experiences, positively influencing baby's neural, physical and emotional development. Baby Yoga moves align with baby's natural developmental stages, and practices are tailored to baby's individual needs, enhancing their natural capacity and thirst for learning.

Carers will benefit from toning and relaxation practices to help relieve aches and pains associated with carrying the weight of a quickly growing baby. We will practice relaxed holds and efficient lifting practices to help create more balance and release tensions for a greater sense of well-being in the body.

  • Currently not offered.