Pilates Best Age 50+

It is a common fact that flexibility, muscular tension and strength, as well as performance ability and concentration decrease as we with age.  Regular Pilates and Yoga Training can help to combat these aging symptoms.

Pilates is a holistic training method which makes use of precise, controlled, slow and gentle movements in combination with conscious control of the breath to strengthen both small and major muscle groups, focusing particularly on the deep layers of the trunk.   Our trainings help correct postural imbalances, improve coordination and boost your overall well-being in body and mind. Pilates and Yoga Training improve flexibility of the spine, helping to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders and relieving back pain.  

During the trainings you will learn tips on how to incorporate exercises into your everyday life to promote your sense of well-being. You just need comfortable clothing and a bit of curiosity!  

  • Tuesday, 10.30-11.30 (ONLINE LIVE)
  • Friday, 9.45-10.45 (ONLINE LIVE)


You can enjoy our PILATES BEST AGE 50+ classes whenever and as often as you like with the PILATES GENTLE-Bundle for CHF 35 available on our ON DEMAND Platform.

For an optimal start in your Pilates training we recommend our Introductory Workshop

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