Yin Yoga

A fascinating, gentle and relaxing workout - just right to do something good for you, your body and your mind.

Each Yin Yoga class is dedicated to a specific theme, be it a meridian, an element, a chakra, a mood or a seasonal condition. We enrich this with appropriate breathing exercises and a short meditation and conclude each class in Savasana. In this way, your body and mind can come to rest, the energies we have generated during the class are dispersed and you are sure to sleep well.  

  • Wednesday, 20.15-21.15  (ONLINE LIVE)


 As our fast-paced everyday life is often characterised by stress and most sports by tension, according to Chinese philosophy, for many people the Yang is the more present energy. Yin yoga is designed to bring the opposing forces of yin and yang back into balance - on a physical and mental level. On a physical level, the muscles, ligaments and tendons are thoroughly stretched. By holding the asanas for a long time, the deep-lying connective tissue is also reached and agglutinated fasciae are loosened. Fascia is the term used for the connective tissue that surrounds all muscles, bones and organs like a large net and thus holds the body together internally.

Yin Yoga thus helps against muscular tension and provides more freedom of movement, more supple joints and more flexible connective tissue and muscles. Unlike in other yoga styles, in which the back is deliberately kept straight, in Yin Yoga it is always rounded. By stretching the back muscles, the practice can therefore help well with back pain. On a psychological level, Yin Yoga has a similar effect to silent meditation: During the long postures, the mind quiets down and the attention is more focused on the body and oneself. This is said to lead to a more balanced mind and inner peace. Yin yoga is therefore suitable for reducing and preventing stress. (Source: utopia.de)

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