Reformer Konnector® Trainings

We have enriched all our reformers with the Konnector® system and are really enthusiastic about it. We can't and won't do without it - so you can experience this further dimension of Reformer training in all our Reformer classes. 

Four loops, connected by a single rope and attached to the Reformer, allow you to create internal connections through movement. This allows you to control both arms and legs independently and simultaneously. You receive constant proprioceptive feedback that challenges and improves your coordination and stability while stimulating your fascial chains. The Konnector® offers you an infinite variety of new and exciting movement possibilities, or in the words of Madara:

I love the freedom of movement and the impressive variety that the Konnector® brings in conjunction with the Reformer, while challenging the body to coordinate core stability and flexibility.

Training on the reformer is the centrepiece of the Pilates method. It prepares you ideally for training on the mat. The pulleys attached to the reformer and the movable seat or lying surface add a new dimension to your training. As you are working against resistance, you perform isolated and precise movements and can continuously increase your training intensity. In short: you build strength, improve your coordination and flexibility and optimise your posture.

The training is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and physical ability. However, if you have no experience with the Pilates method, an individual beginners' training programme or a beginners' workshop is a prerequisite for taking part in the group training sessions.  


Socks must be worn during the Reformer training programme.
This measure improves our hygiene standards and protects the health of all participants.

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