Mat Training Sessions

Our Pilates Mat classes at Pilates Zürich feature a dynamic progression and last for 60 minutes. We lead you through precise, controlled exercises while maintaining fluidity in movement. We integrate Pilates techniques, as well as Bodymotion and Fascial Training, with or without props and offer both beginner and more advanced variations in our classes. Regardless of your age or physical ability you will gain better posture, coordination and breathing capacity. You will strengthen your entire body, especially the deep musculature of the torso, promoting harmony and balance from within. You will feel the positive effects of the Pilates Mat training in your everyday life and when doing other types of exercise or sports. As Joseph Pilates said: «After 10 hours you will feel the difference, after 20 you will see it and after 30 you will gain a new feeling of your body.»

Our mat training courses - and bookable via the regular mat subscription - include

We also have short workouts (TRX® Suspension Training) of 30 minutes each in our programme, which you can book with a tailored subscription.

For an optimal start in the Pilates Mat trainings, we recommend a private 1:1 Introductory Training or participation in our introductory workshops.


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