We are often under stress in our everyday lives. Our fascial network permeates the body from inside out and outside in. It surrounds and connects all of our internal organs, bones, muscles and more. As our biggest sense organ, it reacts to everything we do, think and feel. Our fascia reaches all the way into our organs and our individual cells and in this way influence our daily life. MEDICAL-STRETCHING®  helps to reduce pain and stress, improve and maintain proper bodily functions, so that you can feel free and move well through your life, whether in your free time or when practicing sports.

We use special techniques in MEDICAL-STRETCHING®  to make the fascial network more resilient and to locate and release restrictions and stickiness in the connective tissue. In comfortable clothing and lying on the massage table or one of the Pilates machines, your therapist will assist you through specific stretches tailored specifically for your body. This technique allows you to gain more freedom and flexibility in the body by releasing and lengthening from the joint capsule through to the superficial fascial layers.


  • Allows the connective tissue or fascia to glide better, mobilizing and making space in the joints. 
  • Releases blockages, stimulates the fascial network and improves body awareness and posture.
  • Optimizes the natural functionality of the body and unfolds its full performance potentional.
  • Delivers optimal and quick results und leads to improvement of athletic performance.
  • Is a gentle and very effective assisted stretching method and is based on current evidence-based research.
  • Is health promoting and helps to calm and stimulate the nervous system.

Bookable as Personal Training/Therapy Session (55 minutes)

  • Single admission (25 minutes) - CHF 70 
  • Single admission (55 minutes) - CHF 140
  • 5 admissions (55 minutes each, valid for 3 months) - CHF 670 
  • 10 admissions (55 minutes each, valid for 6 months) - CHF 1300
  • 20 admissions (55 minutes each, valid for 12 months) - CHF 2500

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