Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga provides a unique experience, where we move suspended from a hanging hammock-like cloth, as if gravity did not exist. We combine elements of Pilates, Yoga und aerial acrobatics to train strength and flexibility, tension and relaxation, balance and inversions. Or in Madara's words: It’s time to start to build core strength, increase kinesthetic awareness, elongate your muscles, and get low impact cardiovascular workout while suspended into aerial hammock. During the class you will experience total body workout, but at the end of the workout, you will lay down into most relaxing cocoon pose. You will learn to trust and believe in yourself, learn to let go and enjoy the moment. Classes are designed for both – beginners and people with previous experience in Aerial Yoga. Important is to be ready to burn calories and turn your daily routine for an hour upside down. Results will be impressive.

  • Tuesday, 17.45-18.45 (in English)


*Now you can book your Aerial Yoga training through your regular mat subscription and no longer need an Allegro Reformer subscription.*

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